Selcuk Ecza HQ

Title: Selcuk Ecza HQ
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Office: Tabanlioglu Architects
Authors: Melkan Gürsel, Murat Tabanlıoğlu
Category: Collective Places
Video: film by Yerçekim Architectural photography
Photos: Thomas Mayer


Like a small county settlement, juxtaposition of seven house-like volumes with hipped roofs forms the campus. Aiming horizontal expansion versus growing upwards, the individual ‘houses’ integrate to each other either through gardens, roof gardens, upper or lower patios and paths and atriums. Reminiscent of modern villas, daylight enters through roofs and all transparent sides, creating a diffused lighting mood in the spacious internal space until the basement floor. To provide the balance of light and shadow and to increase the efficiency of passive climate control, the masses are enveloped with a designed mesh system. The brown color of the exterior brings up the soft wood effect and unifies the structure and welcome in light and air for naturally lit and ventilated interiors. Three floors for office use and two underground floors are reserved for car parking of the five-storey structure. Above the car park, first basement floor is at the sunken garden level; besides offices, multi-purpose halls, staff dining hall, sports and lounge zone are located, with an easy access to the green landscape. In addition to the wide windows, interiors of the basement floor receive daylight also through atriums. The main entrance to the building is provided at the ground floor, by way of a bridge, side bridges link the roof terraces. Atriums and interior gardens create social zones between offices, located at the ground floor. “Private world” of both partners constructed as mezzanine duplexes at two ends of the top floor.

Project is located at the Asian side of Istanbul, Çamlıca, on top of the Hills overlooking Bosporus, offers a uniquely pleasant retreat with its fresh air, greenery and scenery. Neighborhood roots back in the previous centuries and aiming posterity. The owner of the pharmaceutical company is an elderly couple who would like the house feeling at the office; accordingly, scales, organization and aesthetics refer to residential settings, traditional İstanbul mansions. Despite the fact that it is an office building, Selçuk Ecza Headquarter Building claims to stay harmonized with the existing environment, and respecting the traditional values. The project prefers to melt in the surroundings and refers to vernacular architectural forms, instead of getting higher, as it becomes the “normal” of our era. Atriums and interior gardens create social zones between offices, located at the ground floor, so that all staff may informally meet and refresh. The notion of work environments can evolve into more pleasant, humanized spaces that can also foster socialization and creativity, the project aims to survive this modest ideal, integrating the healing value of green, use of fresh air and light, for man and the manmade environment.