School of Design, Management, Production Technologies of Aveiro North

Title: School of Design, Management, Production Technologies of Aveiro North
Location: Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal
Studios: University of Aveiro; Ana Roboredo e Joaquim Oliveira Arquitetos Lda.
Authors: Joaquim Morais Oliveira
Category: Collective Places

The School of Design, Management, Production Technologies of Aveiro. The building is a model of intervention, in which one opts for the optimization of environmental quality and low energy and material resources, reducing wastewater, energy and gas emissions and minimizing the impact on human health, natural resources, climate change and the quality of ecosystems, thereby, the entire life cycle of the building.
The key lies in a conception that attributes to the architecture the ability to effectively control the mechanisms that determine the flow and application of energy; Where all the fundamental decisions – those that determine the energetic relation of the building with its surroundings and those that determine the mechanisms of transference of energy inside the building – materialize in a perfectly oriented architecture, isolated.
Results in a building that regulates and takes advantage of solar energy, in a form endowed with mass and inertia indispensable to accumulate and transfer energy to its users in a controlled way, in an organized spatial distribution to achieve the maximum comfort to the best distribution of energy, in a design adapted to climate change, the seasons of the year and the demands generated by the use of the building, and finally, in a building equipped with a congruent level of intelligence capable of collecting information on the state of the surrounding environment and indoor conditions (heat, humidity, air quality and lighting quality), in order to react dynamically, always being configured and adapted to the most appropriate and balanced mode of operation.

The Superior School of Design, Management ,Production Technologies of Aveiro North (ESAN), is dedicated to teaching and research, belonging to Polytechnic education subsystem.
ESAN is inserted in the region of Entre-Douro and Vouga (EDV) taking a strong regional component. The EDV is a national regions best positioned in terms of international value and export orientation, having also been regarded as one of the most competitive regions of Portugal. The economic activity sectors that have great importance in the regional and national economy are: molds, automotive components, engineering, footwear, cork, food, etc …
Currently ESAN develops activity in the areas of design and product development, industrial organization, technologies and systems of production and technology and information and communication systems, whether through its educational supply of higher level or through their supply education and post-secondary training in technical and vocational
Having worked until the end of the school year 2013/2014 in temporary facilities provided by the Municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis, ESAN started the school year 2014/2015 in its new permanent premises and also transferred by this municipality, located in Quinta do commander (Cercal Park). These new facilities, whose design is of my own, combined with a modern park equipment, has endowed this school of modern appropriate physical condition to a school and a high potential for applied research.