Santa Catalina pier marine park

Title: Santa Catalina pier marine park
Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Studio: Romera y Ruiz architects
Author: Pedro Romera Garcia, Angela Ruiz Martínez
Category: Collective Place
Photos: Romera y Ruiz architects

The modern city of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria owes its urban-maritime development to the Port's existence. This connection becomes an inseparable duality. For that relation, in this intervention has been unavoidable to include the analysis of the urban-maritime spaces. The area of the project is a point of interest with a privileged location. The project is located in the limit between the urban experience and the port activity. The geometry of this maritime intervention is triangular This geometry vibrates and moves to react to the conditions of this environment. This conditions has been the guidelines for the design of the maritime walk.
The formalization of the project is solved in two strata, in two different levels. The first strata is situated in the level of the existing walk and has the same material to generate continuity and integrates the intervention with the existing walk. The other strata is made of concrete and is below the level of the walk, but always its stay over the highest tides. There is stands with different purposes in the connection of the platforms. From this stands, the local and the tourist people can observe and enjoy the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The project pretends to generate a dialog between the city and the port. In this dialog, the port and the wharves plays a kind and near role for the citizen, the tourist and the place. The basic geometry of the canary sailing boat acquire the formal development of the intervention with a program who responds the needs of the project and the conditions of the environment.
The perception of the intervention is characterized by the levity with the formal game of the terraces. This spaces shows progressively the sea with a changing dimension according to the place. It generates a public space in this important limit between the port and the city. Before of this intervention this limit was a walk where the citizen had no any space for living the place.