Public library and socio-cultural center

Title: Public library and socio-cultural center
Location: Jávea, Alicante
Office: Singular Studio; DIHECA
Authors: Jose Moragues, Fernando Nieto, Ricardo Paternina
Category: Collective Places

This building, conceived with a hybrid use of Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center, is located in the seaside neighborhood of Javea, near the port. This is the reason why, after a process of architectural approach, it has been inspired by reasons related to the sea ... metal facade vibrates, has three dimensions and simulates movement, such as sea surface. The facade treatment, as a light metal skin that envelops the whole volume, aims to boost its weightlessness without touching the ground plane. It is a large box or floating cage, a huge metal fishing net as those in the nearby port. The project addresses a dual program with a single compact volume of rectangular shape that uses all permitted parameters of local urban planning. There are three floors above the ground and a half-buried floor that gives access to the back yard where is located the main hall of the socio-cultural center. A perforation on the top floor generates an outside patio, breaking the uniformity of volume along with the lateral incision, which is the outside stairway of evacuation.
The ground floor opens to the outside through a glass enclosure to reach the entrance, sheltering the more public program and the room for children's activities. The uses of library are disposed at higher levels, with diffuse natural light through the outer skin, which gives a more private character for concentration on reading.
Two large interior voids connect the three main levels of the building, generating successive spaces with diagonal perspectives.

The project has been classified inside the category of Collective Places as it defines spaces and uses to be enjoyed by public and with the public, where use and customer service transcends aesthetics.
As a Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center, these living places are focused on the inhabitant, no matter if they are children, students, retired people or just people that wants to enjoy reading and having a meeting point with other people.
As communal space of hybrid use under the same building, consensual interactions give rise automatically between users of the cultural center and the public library, enabling performing activities that require more or less attention, such us studying, reading, conferences, exhibitions or also parties at certain hours in the socio-cultural center.
The building, which is situated on the outskirts of the seaside neighborhood of Jávea, is transformed into a meeting place to decongest the saturated existing social centers in the city center and expands cultural activities to other places, allowing dissemination of culture and knowledge. The effect has been immediate on citizenship ...a bus stop, a park and a health care center near the building have been recently created due to the new influx of people that it causes in the area.