Park 3 circles

Title: Park 3 circles
Location: Osio Sotto, Italy
Office: Abad Architetti Srl
Authors: Alessandro Bianchi
Category: Collective Places

The project of the park was realised over a system of three mutually tangent circles, connected by pedestrian and cycle paths in calcestre. The circles contain features games for children and teenagers. The idea of such circles comes from an icon of the industrial landscape, the machine that represents it, and particularly by the wheel gear that have inspired and influenced so much of the land and urban art.
Building with bar-restaurant and services has been realised on a stretch of arc of the southern rim, with a shape that recalls the harmonious layout of the three circles generators. Marked by the passage of the columns and cuts arranged in correspondence of windows, it has a concave side facing the playground and a convex toward the city, with a body projecting where is located the kitchen. The inside public area of the bar-restaurant, with glass facade, is a continuation of the arcade, in order to create a single internal-external environment very confortable during the spring and summer.
A careful study of botanical essences has been made before proceeding to redesign the integration of the plants. The existing trees have been valued and studied in the design of the new park, and dozens of new trees from different flowering fragrance and colours have been planted to enrich the vegetation of the park.

The project intervenes in an area where a partially functioning park (called 'ex-pools’ = italian: ex-piscine) needed a regeneration that would made it fully accessible to the public, as a collective space. The park was occupied by old pools that were never fully reclaimed. For this reason the park was open only partially and with paths cut by walls and non-accessible areas.
The collective space is defined by the centrality of the area earmarked for this park. Many public functions revolve around the park, a school, the residence districts, commercial and others activities. The school makes the new park a place of recreation after learning activities, gathering families and friends that live, study and work in the districts, in the central and peripheral neighborhoods of the town of Osio Sotto.
The three circular areas contain different functions, but all aimed at stimulating the pedagogical function of the game: a labyrinth of colored walls, two playgrounds with red playground mats, and some coloured chairs in concrete. Toys and colors are fundamental elements of the contemporary collective space.
Finally a green hill, the only one in the plain of 20,000 square meters of the park, is balanced by the opposite side with a completely red, terraced steps, pit of gum. All elements for sitting and playing have been painted in the primary colors (red, green and blue, RGB) and also with pastels colours.