House Oeiras

Title: House Oeiras
Location: Oeiras, Portugal
Studio: Pedro Domingos Arquitectos
Author: Pedro Domingos
Category: Personal Places
Photos: João Carmo Simões

The house is located in Oeiras near the sea, integrated in urban mesh characterized by small plots, where the common rule is the houses occupying almost the entire plot. A railway passing by the plot become a strong presence.
The house is founded by a central courtyard with 11.5m 11.5m x x 5.75m, where the various spaces of the house are organized around.
The house is built from a unique program. A place to live, thinking and working, which will contain a library and a small art collection – “a house to think”
The new house respond to adverse conditions defined by the strong presence of the railway and a set of uncharacteristic villas that with great proximity involve the all plot.
The construction is simple and elementary, looking for a constructive and economic optimization: concrete structure, interior and exterior walls with pigmented plaster. Floors in pigmented concrete. Ceilings exposed concrete. Frames with fixed glass and metal doors. Central courtyard in saibre.

The interior courtyard acts as center of the house, an outdoor room sheltered and protected. A space that summons the atmosphere of the tradition Mediterranean courtyards, defining a place of intimacy, light and shadow. A space design with trees, limited by high color walls, where the presence of a water tank, refreshes and music atmosphere.
A home built for one person who lives between books and art.
The house was designed to be a place to live, think, work and contemplate.
The house develops around the patio, through a path from the common areas to most private spaces. A path that contains two main rooms, one living room and another working space with 5m high, a kitchen, a dining room and a library. In the northern boundary of the house is the most private area, the bedroom and the bathroom. The house is lived as a single space without doors, where the different heights of the spaces define the different atmospheres and uses.
The central courtyard is the only autonomous space where the physical boundary is precise and well defined.