Baralla House

Title: Baralla House
Location: Baralla, Lugo, Spain
Studio: OLAestudio
Author: Oscar López Alba
Category: Personal Places
Video: Sebastian Pasquet
Photos: Héctor Santos-Diez

A house burns and only the memories and a box of stone walls left. How to give it a new identity, as do the original home of a family of 11 children, now his second home, again become a meeting place to build new memories?
The challenge is to build a shelter with different atmospheres and exploit the full potential of this empty box. The program is simple: give it the greatest possible number of rooms and spaces for use by individuals and families with different habits. From here, the only premise, a tight budget and sensitivity of all of us.
The staircase articulates the program, tours and openings. Its location is marked by the gaps in the side walls and longitudinal views allowed. Provides the backdrop for the opening perpendicular to the façade open.
Concrete, wood, corten steel and glass. The stone box is built around the central concrete wall that runs and develops housing ladder. The grups of cabinets define the rooms and hide the entire set of sliding doors that allow the views of the countryside from every point of the rooms beyond their windows.

We think that the house graduated its light and atmospheres, a secluded and intimate hideaway ground access as a continuous shell on walls and ceilings of wood perpendicular to the window overlooking the garden and the annexes legacy . The house looks for light and distant views on first floor. The surfaces become painted walls and large sliding doors in white plywood. Back on the ground under cover a small study collected with daylight and diagonal views. Concrete nuanced texture to climb the skylight cover.
This box should expand and leave their limits at every point looking landscape.
The house opens into the garden and opens to the distant views, gallery missing the original wood becomes a big glass with corten steel frame. Some of the walls are rebuilt recovering the pace of openings in the facade to the street and other open fully to the garden. Lime mortar combined with exposed stone planes.
Sober architecture of light and surfaces. A detail of the history of one of its owners, the set of birch logs inside. A pass memory, an original door, turned in furniture.
The fire razed hundreds of books, furniture and regards. Our work, build the stage for refilling of hundreds of books, furniture and regards.