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The Hague, The Netherlands Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

practical info

CategoryCollective Places

Title: Amadeus

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Office: Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Authors: Jacq. de Brouwer

Category: Collective Places

Photos: Bart van Hoek, Michel Kievits

Program: Housing, collective,
State: New construction

visual material

general aspects

The Hague is one of the main cities in the Netherlands and the seat of government lies just 150 metres from the Amadeus building.
Unlike the neighbouring cities of Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Hague has an important architectural tradition characterised by its many grand natural stone buildings.
In contrast to the long-standing Dutch tradition of building in brick, the facade of the Amadeus building is finished in natural stone to match the city’s natural stone building style. The material was also chosen to add an elegant and iconic building to the city’s silhouette in keeping with the status of the adjacent government buildings.
Amadeus building occupies an important site in the city opposite the imposing and distinctive white City Hall designed by American architect Richard Meier. The natural stone used in the facade of the Amadeus building lends it an importance and dominance that counterbalances the outstanding architecture of the City Hall.

Plans and facades of this residence are designed so that users can fully enjoy the spot the Amadeus building is located. On the south side the world of shopping, nightlife and theater. On the east side the spectacular skyline of the high rise district of the metropolis. On the northern side the view of the historic city center and the sea on the horizon.
Amadeus building incorporates location qualities and contrasts on an unique spot.
This personal space provides comfort and privacy in a relax atmosphere of this seaside metropolis.